Academy Sinica front gate

ISCSLP 2018 will be held at the Humanities and Social Sciences Building of Academia Sinica on November 26-29, 2018.

Academia Sinica, the conference venue, founded in 1928, is the most prominent academic institution in Taiwan. While affiliated directly to the Presidential Office of our government, Academia Sinica enjoys independence and autonomy in formulating its own research objectives. Its major tasks are to undertake in-depth academic research on various subjects in the sciences and humanities, and to provide guidelines, channels of coordination, and incentives with a view to raising academic standards in the country. From its inception, Academia Sinica has been committed to the unimpeded quest for knowledge and the pursuit of academic excellence. Currently, Academia Sinica portfolio consists of 24 Research Institutes and 7 Research Centers.

The Humanities and Social Sciences Building is the building No.24 on the following campus map of Academia Sinica.

Academia Sinica map

See the map for the location of Academia Sinica.